Our activities

Wine Tasting

One of the activities organized by Balatsoura’s vineyard is wine tasting of Dorian Wine. Wine tasting forms a tradition over the centuries, since Ancient Greeks were much habituated with the procedure of identifying the special characteristics of wines.

In Balatsoura’s Family Vineyard, you will have the opportunity to taste the unique wine produced by the variety “Kosmas”, a very special wine, carrying the history of past centuries.

We are waiting for you to learn about and taste Dorian Wine, to be charmed by the aromas and taste of its varieties, the “Red dry varietal”, the “Dry White” and the “Red naturally sweet”




We must mention that our visitors are becoming familiar with values such as tradition and its maintenance and are stimulated through our focusing in the principles of quality and authenticity, which form the basis for our philosophy.


Organic Agriculture

Farming is an internal need for most people. It is not a coincidence that our ancient ancestors considered “Land” as mother of humanity, a view standing until our days with the quote “Mother’s Earth Products”.

That is what prompted me to be occupied with vine cultivation, a holy occupation throughout the centuries. Therefore we bio-cultivate Out of conviction and our effort aims to the minimum environment impact and the production of natural products of Mother Earth…

Our organic agriculture is certified by the organization DIO (ΔΗΩ) since 1998.

We do not use chemical fertilisers. We only use manure from free-living animals. In order to fight diseases we use copper and Sulphur in natural form..


Acquaintance with Cultivation

The visit at Balatsoura’s Family Vineyard gives the great opportunity to the visitors to acquaint with Nature. Our visitors attend in person all stages of viticulture and the production of Dorian Wine. They enrich their knowledge relatively to the historicity of “Kosmas” variety, the expertise being developed in the context of the wine production process, as well as they are stimulated and they are in direct contact with viniculture.


"We love and care for nature"



"We love our place and wine"

"“Harvesting in the village was a fair. Fifteen days before harvesting all villagers were motivated. They used to clean their «katogia» (basements and underpasses of old village houses) where they used to store wine. They were cleaning their wooden barrels. They were filling them with water many times in order to pump up and swell, and avoid leakages when they would put the wine.
When everything was ready, harvesting began. Everything should be done inside four days. Then is a vine was left unharvest, the owner would not have the chance to pick the grapes. It was the turn of birds and animals of the dells: mainly mockingbirds, jays, cushats, even sparrows aided in order the forgotten vine owned by an negligent owner to be left only with its grapevines."

Our expectation

I hope that the tradition of wine will move on to future generations and my children will take over and breathe new life and force and they in turn to move on the tradition to their descendants.

Georgios Balatsouras,


We look forward to welcome you and to show you our Balatsoura’s vineyard in Koniakos Fokidas.

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