Dorian Wine

Dry Red Varietal

Colour: Red – dark red (depending on the year) with ruby sparks

Aroma: Strong aromas of fruits of the forest, vanilla and a bouquet of aromas

Taste: Round, light-bodied, soft tannins, with strong aftertaste.

Proposed pairing: Delicatessen plateau, hard and soft cheese, red meat. On the palate its tannins balance with meat and cheese proteins.

Red Naturally Sweet

Description: It concerns of a naturally sweet wine. The grapes of the variety “kosmas” are naturally dehydrated and are partially left to dry in the vine. Then they are vinified. During the process of fermentation, only the necessary natural sugars are fermented, and the rest remain unfermented giving a sweet wine.

Color: full-bodied red – complex aromas, delightful taste Proposed pairing: sweets, chocolate, nuts – Also served as aperitif at 8-10 oC.

White Dry

Colour: orange, pale yellow-gold hue Aroma: Light aromas of fruits of the forest.


Taste: Balanced body, distinctive tannins, aftertaste that lasts Proposed pairing: Served at 10-12 oC. Ideal accompaniment for salads, poultry, fish and based on its vinification process for light meals and soft cheese.


Double distilled from grape marcs biologically cultivated in bronze alembic.

The distillation of grape marcs (dorian tsipouro) is varietal since it derives from grape marcs (and not from wine), of the mountain and unique variety of “Kosmas”

The source material (grapes) is biologically cultivated in our vineyard and we do not interfere by any mean in their natural process, during their fermentation until their distillation. Namely we use their wild natural ferments and we do not use chemicals or other additives.

The distillation is double in bronze alembic by a biologically certified distillery.

The pure source material and the distillation way are the secrets that enrich the aromas of nature that characterize the distillation.

Our products are natural.
“Both the cultivation of the vine and the vinification is completed by natural processes without using chemicals or other additives.
We produce products in respect of the environment, following the processes that were followed in the region for centuries."

Variety "Kosmas"

“Kosmas” is mainly a mountain variety being found in mountain areas of Central Continental Greece.

It has always been the most representative vine variety for vinification in these mountain areas, since it had naturalized for many centuries and was chosen from local populations as the variety used to create their own wine.



Variety "Roditis"

One not very common sub-variety of the dozen varieties of Roditis cultivated in our country, is mountain roditis, which during its maturing it presents impressive rose colours. Considering that it is one of the few varieties that produce old white wines, it constitutes the basic element of our white wine. “Generally speaking, “kosmas” is part of the category of vine varieties that remained the same over the years and were not affected by extraneous circumstances”







The vineyard of Balatsoura’s family is characterized as paying particular attention to the production of qualified quality wine.

The cultivation of “Kosmas” variety follows the model of DIO (ΔΗΩ) company in bio-cultivation and the produced wine is biologic.

The knowledge of modern and innovative vinification practices in combination with the experience and knowledge that characterized our team, receive the credentials of its quality and value.

The Characteristics of our Production











The know-how applied in the Vineyard of Balatsoura’s family, in combination with the commitment to traditional viniculture models and the knowledge of the special cultivation – varietal of “Kosmas” variety, constitute the factors that reassure the unique taste, the characteristic aroma and the great colour of Dorian Wine, elements that consequently represent its authenticity. 



The vinification of Dorian Wine, does not decline from the traditional form. We follow the exact method of vinification being followed in the area, for centuries. We use the same wooden tanks and vessels, which we manufacture based on the old standards. We also use the same nature’s materials, fir’s boughs, and mountain thyme and fir resin. Considering that we produce a natural product, the specific vinification process is the most recommended one.

The vinification process has great value and importance for the production of qualitative wine. Vinification in Balatsour’s Family Vineyard follows the traditional standards and applies qualitative methods, following the special knowledge required for the management of the historic variety “Kosmas” for the production of Dorian Wine.


Vinification of Red Wine


The steam pomace is transferred to wooden open tanks in order must to be produced. No chemicals, sulfites or other yeasts are used, except from natural grapes yeasts. The wine remains to the tanks from 15 to 30 days. For the avoidance of oxidation, all those days pomaces are sank in must by fir boughs. Fir boughs and mountain thyme being used as filter enrich the wine with impalpable but innovative aromas that makes it special.

Vinification of White Wine

We use the same process for the vinification of mountain Roditis but the must remain in the tanks less days. It offers valuable components to white wine and a bright (orange) colour.

Special Characteristics of Vinification

During all stages of vinification we leave Nature to do its job. From the beginning of our occupation with wine production, we chose to produce natural wine, namely a wine with no chemicals, no other additives and without applying methods reducing the valuable components of the product for appearance sake.

We found and follow the processes being followed from antiquity, when they produced wine of great biological value, which would resist over the years. We did not have to go back a long way. We simply followed the basic rules being applied by the winegrowers until recent past and before the application of modern vinification with extended application of chemical conservatives and additives, man-made yeasts, “heavy” methods of thermos-vinification, clarification processing aids, sizing and any kind of filter.



We only use natural yeasts, we do use chemicals in any stage, and we do not filtrate.

Mountain nature, the microclimate, low temperatures and pure materials of Nature are our allies. After experimentation for more than 10 years in vinification and release of our products for consumption following this way, we as in position to offer pure, natural wine and distillation products.

Our tradition

"I thank God for the courage and strength he gave us in order to stand against many big and small difficulties and to be currently able to continue what the previous generations entrusted us: “Kosmas”, its cultivation and wine processing of its grapes."


We look forward to welcome you and to show you our Balatsoura’s vineyard in Koniakos Fokidas.

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