We welcome you at the vineyard of Balatsoura’s family, located at the village
Koniakos in Dorida, eighteen kilometers north of Lidoriki, on the foothills of
Vardousia and eight kilometers from the Lake of Mornos.
We will be very pleased to show you around our vineyard and to offer you the
opportunity to taste our wines at the place where they are produced and to meet the
beauties of the region throughout the year.
Please contact us in order to schedule your visit and to know each other.



Balatsoura’s Family

About Us

Back in 1997 me and my wife Niki went to France for a postgraduate course of
studies in Criminology, at the Law School of Montpellier.
There, we had the chance to visit both the vineyards of the region and the Chateaux.
It was when the idea of creating a vineyard arose. To grow a vine in our place of
origin and to continue the tradition in viticulture and wine processing of local
varieties, before they will lost forever. To contribute as much as we can to the
continuance of this wonderful culture, of vineyard and wine.
We were able to take from the last cultivated wine, the local variety “kosmas” and we
resurrect a small new vineyard. Our first production was in 2004.
We faced many adversities and difficulties. However, the odors of the nature, the
chirps of the birds, the scent of vine leafs, the characteristic aroma of the must and the
bouquet of the mature wine rewarded us.




To close that part of the trip concerning vine and wine, we thank God for the courage
and strength he gave us in order to stand against many big and small difficulties and
to be currently able to continue what the previous generations entrusted us:
“Kosmas”, its cultivation and wine processing of its grapes.


Dorian Wine

Since 2004, we produce the Dorian Wine at Balatsoura’s vineyards. It concerns of a
unique wine with history going back to many centuries. Moreover, since the specific

variety “Kosmas” is not cultivated or wine processed by other winegrowers, our
responsibility is even bigger.


We feel an obligation toward everyone that maintained its age-old course and
everyone that tasted and enjoyed it. Toward the people that entrusted it for their
moments of joy or sorrow; toward those that drank it as a reward after the heavy day
at work; toward the shepherd who relaxed with its aroma and taste and toward the
peasant of the rocky mountain land.
Therefore we must accent its singular identity.



    The Environment

    In the 90s, the vines of Koniakos, the last village that had an organized vineyard at the
    mountain area of Dorida after the 60s, which provided wine the villages of the area,
    was history….


    The area at the south end of Pindos, around the mountain area of Vardousia, was
    inhabited since ancient years.
    It is a mountains area, a poor and difficult place to live.
    Vine cultivation and wine production never lacked, something very common in any
    corner of the Greece. The variety was naturalized through the ages at this area, and
    gave a bright red wine, named “kosmas” or “kosmadi”. Until the 60s all vineyards
    existed, but unfortunately until the 90s they completely abandoned.
    We saved the variety and reestablished it. In our days, kosmas is cultivated only in
    our land.
    Our vineyard is located at a primeval place free of environmental impacts, in
    grasslands with wild flowers and the forest. Every year we take care of our land with

    Virgin Environment

    I was lucky to be born in a small village, Koniakos in Dorida. It is a mountain land, difficult with many hidden beauties…. Until that time all the families had vines. All the residents were farmers and cattle-breeders and together with their other occupations, they had a vine, sina qua non. Everyone should have its own vine and produce its own wine.


    A variety with history


    Let us see what the Dorian (from Artotina) Folklorist Dim. Loukopoulos writes in hisbook “Agricultural habits of Roumeli” in 1937: “There is no village in Roumeliwithout a vine. Many people tell you straight out: I can live without bread, but notwithout wine. That is why they all cultivate vines. They use to plant many varieties,but the most common are: Kosmas or kosmadia that flourish at mountain areas. Itsgrapes are dark black. They are tight, with hard rind, sweet and very tasty, perfectboth for consumption and wine. Kosmas’ variety is also stavrokosmas orstavrokosmadi. Those grapes are made by bunches that are crossed. Looking upwardsthey look like a capital T”.

    In 2017, upon my request, was officially acknowledged and identified by thecompetent Agriculturists that is the only vine where the specific variety is currentlycultivated, which is – as many other indigenous but forgotten varieties – keeps manybeautiful secrets to reveal.

    “It was when the idea of creating a vineyard arose. To grow a vine in our place oforigin and to continue the tradition going back thousands of years and to contribute asmuch as we can to the continuance of this wonderful culture, of vineyard and wine.”


    vineyard of Balatsoura’s family,







    We look forward to welcome you and to show you our Balatsoura’s vineyard in Koniakos Fokidas.

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